Friday, October 24, 2014

One year down...

So on Thursday, Sister Webb and I celebrated our one year mark. To make the event we both got drinks that we love but didn't love us so much and we were both a little sick because of it. It’s really weird to think that I've been on my mission for a whole year now. I hope I'm learning what the Lord wants me to, and I hope that I'm being of some help.

So for the good updates. Mika Thrailkill is all set to be baptized in the next couple of weeks. Because she's having family from out of town perform the actual ordinances we don't have a 100% date on it. But she's doing really good. She even took not being able to drink coffee any more really well. Why a 12 year old was drinking coffee in the first place I'm not sure.

Cindy is doing awesome. Her heart is really changing. She's really thrown herself in to getting closer to God. She's having a little trouble with her husband not excepting the changes, but we're all praying that his heart will be softened and see that the changes that are happening are good and that she becoming a more loving person because of it.

On a funnier note (I did get permission to tell this story) Sister Webb led us to have an interesting adventure with our truck. We were driving down one of the back roads in Morongo when we drove in to a hole. Now this hole was just the right shape and size that the front passenger tire fit perfectly. So the frame of the truck was on the ground but the tire wasn't touching anything. Thankfully there was this wonderful couple, Janet and Ken, who helped us out. Ken works on cars so with him and like four of his jacks we were able to free our little truck. Amazingly enough no damage was done to the car, but we were stuck on this back road for like an hour. We went back a couple of days later and took Janet and Ken some cookies. They were both so nice to us.

On our year make we had a mission tour by Elder Evans, who is head of the missionary department. He announced that our mission has been approved for iPads, and that we should get them sometime in January or February. He also asked me what direction we can from and all I could tell him was down the grade, one of the elders had to inform both me and Sister Webb that Yucca was to the East of Banning. He talked about family history, and being better at using it. I'll have to admit that I'm terrible at family history. I know how to look through microfilms I don't know how to use a computer for it. One big thing that Sister Webb and I both agreed that we need to be better with is asking for referrals. So we are trying to adopt a phrase he shared with us: ask referrals 100%. We're still working on it but we're getting better.

Hope everything is going well for all of you. Love you.

Sister Becca Litster

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