Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013... Just call her Grace 2 ;)

Hi Coco,
We got a new car the other day. So our car was this beautiful 2014 Chevy Cruz, but it had one of the bike racks on it so we ended up having to give it to some Elders so that they can move bikes when they need to. The car we got in the trade is Toyota Corolla and it's about as beat up as they let mission cars get. It is really sad going from way nice to goodness Elders have been in this car.
I am a little jealous of your snow. We get a lot of rain here. . . and wind, a lot of wind. I'm having some trouble with my skirts because of the wind. We bought me mostly lighter skirts right because the summers are so hot, but because they are so light the wind catches them and I half flash people all the time. I think I'm getting better at keeping it down but if you have any tricks I would love to hear them. In general, I feel about as graceful as Kortni out here... I've fallen on my face in the middle of the street. I've fallen down stairs. I fell in to a rose bush; that one made a hole in my sweater. Sister Whitford now warns me every time she goes down a step because it just trip over them.
We are teaching people, but no one who is really interested. Most of what we are doing is less active/reactivation work. We have 600 people in our ward and only 150 show up to sacrament. I know something big is coming for our area though. We have four Elders, two sister, and a senior couple all in the same ward. Something is going to happen and when it does its going to be big.
Whitford and I get along well. We have very little in common. In fact we joke that the only thing we have in common is that we both like the movie My Cousin Vinny. She can do the deer thing just about as good as you can. She really is fantastic though. She is just what I needed for a companion right now, and thankfully we get to stay together for the rest of my training at least. She is patient when I need her to be and she pushes me when I need that. She's really good for me and I hope that I am helping her in some way, too.
Oh so one last thing. This less active member of our ward had us over for dinner last night, and she made us a lasagna. Oh my gosh! It almost tasted like yours! I was so happy that someone knew how to do lasagna that wasn't frozen.
love you, Coco.

We are staying in Fontana for another transfer. I'm grateful that I still get to be Sister Whitford's companion. I still have so much to learn from her. I'm pretty sure she's going to be a sister training leader one day, so I'm grateful that I get this chance to learn from her. We are losing are roommates though. Rosales is moving to a different apartment with her new greenie and Wong is being transferred. This means that we get our apartment all to ourselves. . . I hope we can get through it. But I feel like Whitford and I only have one more transfer together. She needs to teach me and then she needs to move on. I'm looking forward to getting the CDs. just getting a change will be nice. I don't know if I'm really killing it out here, but I am trying. Things are slow but I'm trying to do my best. Our ward hasn't had a baptism since August, which is way hard because they had 14 baptism earlier in the year. We just keep working though. Brother Shoup, our ward mission leader says that our ward is hard, but that by being in our ward you lean how to work the best, because you have to try everything to get any success. Keep praying for me. Love you Kort, miss you lots.
Sister Litster

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