Monday, December 2, 2013

Excerpts from November... and one from December!

November 4, 2013

Hey Kort,

Just so you all know I'm in Fontana right now. My companion's name is Sister Whitford; she's from Hawaii so I feel really white around her and the other sisters in our apartment. The other girls in our apartment are Spanish speaking. One is Sister Rosales is from Mexico City, she makes me think of your dad sometimes with some of the things she says. The other is Sister Wong, she's from Samoa, and is just very Poly in how she talks. They're all really nice. Sis. Wong is super jealous of Sis. Whitford and me right now because in the week we've been here we've gotten to do service twice and she never really gets to do service.Something that I find really interesting about being here is that all the wards are just named. its not like South Mountain 5th or whatever, it's just Alder, or Baseline or Sierra. One of the wards in the mission is called the Smily ward, but that's over in Redlands. I've been super tired but its been good. Some of the members in my ward don't really like the missionaries so it been hard talking to people this last week. But they like the sisters a lot better then the elders so it's a little easier for us.

Love you. Hope everything is going well for you all. I'd love to hear from you all.

Sister Litster

November 12, 2013

Wow Kort! So I only have a couple of minutes because I haven't gotten any real mail yet I can't get a card at the library that lets me stay on as long as I want. Thank you for the pictures they are so cute. So I've got 4 investigators right now. One is an atheist eleven year old who I think just likes to argue, but apparently he likes us, and more specifically me, so he'll talk to us. Another is a man who is a college professor on the bible in Hebrew, and Greek. He has some crazy ideas about the priesthood, and he's made me do some deep doctrine research. The Third is this really funny born-again Christian lady that is so happy that someone is out speaking the words of Jesus in these troubling times. And the last is a Chinese woman who husband is a member. She's very Asian... Sister Whitford and I got more out of her than the Elders who were teaching her before did because we're women. Things here in Fontana are pretty sketchy sometimes but we do our best to be careful. 

I'm going to give Sister McKee your email by the way because she takes our pictures every time we see her and she sends then to our families. There's a little game that goes along with the pictures and that's find Brother McKee. he's usually just creeping behind the elders. . . . a a a 6 minutes left! Have I forgotten anything?!? No wait it just gave me more time! lets see. Yes you should send everything to the mission home. If you send packages to the mission home it needs to be first class or priority mail so that the sisters that work in the office can forward it to us. They want us to do it this way so that our mail doesn't get lost when we transfer. Love you Kort!

PS- sorry that there is a complete lack of structure to this letter I was typing as fast as I could.

December 2, 2013

I hope you enjoyed your concert. I know you love JT. I am seriously jealous of you for seeing Michael Buble and Catching Fire.

Sister Whitford and I have been working our butts off with very little success. We have yet to get an investigator who is honestly interesting in the gospel. Most are just nice enough to let us come back and talk to them some more. I've been really stressed these last couple of weeks because I feel like we're not getting very far. Elder Page, my district leader, gave me a blessing and I'm feeling a little better. I'm nervous about this next week because we have exchanges. Though that does mean that I get to leave Fontana for the day and go to Redlands. Thanksgiving was really nice. They had the six missionaries in our ward all over at the Stoll's. Which was good because the Stoll's had the Hillquists, and the Shoups over too. It was a lot of fun! Sister Stoll's oven went out though, so we had to finish all of the food over at her neighbors. She was super tricky to make sure that a different set of missionaries when with her each time to get the food so that as many missionaries as possible into her non-member friends house. I'm super glad that we got a kind of chill day. Today for P-day Sister Whitford and I are going over to one of the older sister's in the ward house and she's going to teach us how to crochet. I'm super excited because the hats she makes are so cute. Not that there's really a need for winter hats here in Fontucky.
My favorite scripture is Prov. 3:5-6. Are they going to be putting a picture on the plaque too? Oh well if they do I know you all will pick a good one. I hope you're getting Sister McKee's pictures, and that if you are you approve of what I'm wearing. I try to not make a fool of myself with my lack of style but I know that you guys have good ones because Han. Wong borrows my clothes all the time. I love you all and hope everything is going well.

Sister Litster

These pictures were provided by Sister McKee on Nov 18 and Dec 2 :)

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