Sunday, February 2, 2014

Becca's birthday letter!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! So just so you know because yesterday was a holiday I don't have a whole lot of time. You're getting the big email today for everyone so make you let the family see.

So first off two of my investigators are being baptized in 10 days!!!! They are the cutest girls 9 and 12. The 9 year old Jessica prayers for some of the funniest stuff. Like one day she prayed that we would all have good dreams and not bad dreams, and another day she prayed that there would be guacamole in heaven, especially if it was her mom's because her mom's is really good. It was so great seeing them in church this Sunday their mom is less active and I can't tell you how happy I was that the ward was so warm and loving to her. All the members who knew who she was pick up like she had never left.

Now the sad part of all of this. I've been transferred! I'm being moved to the Rialto 1st ward, and I'm going to be in a Trio with a Sister Randall and Sister Stewart. We're all senior companion too, so I don't know how that's going to work out, but it will some how because that's how the Lord put us. 

So there were two earthquakes here and Fontana this last week. Both were right around the same time of night and in just about the same place. Which the epicenter was less then a mile from us I think. The first one, which was like a 4.3 or something was a lot worse then the the second, which was about 3.0. We completely slept through the second one. But the first one kind of scared me because I was half asleep and it was my first really earthquake. Though it really wasn't anything because it didn't even knock anything over.

My birthday was so great. Sister Whitford was so great the whole day she got up early and decorated my desk. She drew balloons because those were the only kind that I can have. She made me breakfast and lunch, and  wouldn't let me help with the dishes. She put all of these little notes around for me to find, like in my scriptures, on my bathroom mirror, in my planner, in my bed (which she made for me when I went to the bathroom), and even in the fridge. We went to Sister Harris' after lunch and she helped us with our crocheting, we're making blankets now. Sister Harris baked me a cake and her and her daughter Dana sang to me. Sister Aguirre came by too, to say good bye and wish me happy birthday. We had dinner with brother and sister McKee. They were both very sad to hear that I was leaving. They bought us all our own pizza (don't worry I didn't eat it all) and they got me a cake too. 

I didn't get any of your guys packages because they hold all mail in the office the week before transfers, so that it doesn't get lost in the forward, but I'll pick it all up tomorrow when we do the companion exchanges at the office.

I love you all.~Sister Litster 

Side note from Kortni: I have some pictures to post, but am having technical difficulties... Watch for them tomorrow!

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