Monday, April 7, 2014

Catching up with Sister Litster!

So, I have been a terrible sister. I have not updated Becca's blog for a bit and I am so sorry for that! I will post several of her letters (pics to come!).

We are coming up on her SIX MONTH mark-- time moves so slowly, yet so fast!! Here goes :)

February 24, 2014

So things have been really good lately. We worked so hard this last week and got the most lessons I've ever had in a week by like 6 or 7. We are all so tired. Really feeling like I'm earning my pillow every night. But then of course Sister Stewart and I always wake each other up because we share the bunk bed so if I move too much she's up and if she moves too much I'm up. There are not enough hours to sleep.

My companion Sister Whiteford only has like 4 months left. So sometimes she says things that are really funky but usually they are super funny so I don't mind. Between Sister Whiteford and Sister Stewart I'm always laughing. I'm usually laughing too hard to respond.

Funny story, or maybe not so funny, we were walking to go visit this less active in one of the sketchier parts of Rialto when I got something in my shoe. I fell a good 10 steps behind my companions in an attempt to remove the foreign object. In my struggle I accidently kicked my shoe at my companions, who screamed, protected each other, and then checked to see where I was. They both thought that someone had thrown something at them because we were missionaries and that we were all going to get shot. They still are teasing me about my shoe.

My area is so big, and there are so many people. I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by how much we had to do. But I guess that just proves that the Lord answers prayers because when I was in Fontana I would ask for us to be able to stay busy.

I was thinking the other day how odd it is that I've been out 4 months now, and how it’s even odder that I've had 5 companions in that time.

Oh another crazy story. I had to cast a demon out of our apartment. Really I did. It was so scary, but we had the Elders come and bless the apartment as soon as we could. Thankfully since then we haven't had any problems and we're pretty sure that Sister Stewart’s dad and my mom are part of the angels protecting us.

Well that feels like information vomit but I hope you enjoyed it. :)

~Sister Litster

March 3, 2014

Elder Andersen is coming to speak to both the Redlands mission and the Rancho mission this month. He wants to shake all of our hands. I think it awesome that its Andersen. He's that one that interviewed you all when Doug became stake president right? And because Sister Whiteford and I are both really deaf we should be able to sit up front.

Please keep praying for me. I need it.

Love, Becca

March 17, 2014

The conference with Elder Anderson was so cool. My zone got to sit upfront. I think because so many of us have hearing problems. But Elder Anderson came out and started walking around as he talked and he stood at the end of my bench for a really long time. For like 15 minutes I had only one Spanish sister in between me and him. So cool. One of the things that he talked about that really touched me was that the Heavenly Father knows us one on one so we need to make sure we are teaching to the individual.

March 31, 2014

This week has been good. I had exchanges on Friday with Sister Morgan. She was the Sister Training Leader that I exchanged with the first time that I did an exchange. She said that I've changed for the good a lot since the last time we were together. I glad that I'm improving.

We had an earth quake here the other day. It was pretty big. It lasted like 8 seconds and made the floor ripple, we know because we were sitting on it at the time. It scared Sister Whiteford really bad. She sleeps with her shoes by her bed now because of it.

This week my testimony of fasting has really been strengthened. We fasted for are investigators yesterday. In particular for this 16 year old boy that we're teaching. He wants to be baptized but his parents won’t let him until he's 18. But as part of our fast we asked that his family’s hearts would be softened so that he can be baptized. We went by after church yesterday to see him and we ended up having a lesson with the whole family, except for his older sister, and his parents want us to come back and talk with them too. I know that this is the Lord answering our prayers and helping us help this boy.

April 7, 2014
We were able to get one of our investigators to the church for the Saturday afternoon session. He had a super cool experience that he told us about after the session. He had just walked to the church from the high school because he had been at swim practice. He was really tired, and kept feeling himself nodding off.

The first time he started to nod off, he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He looked back at Sister Whiteford and me but saw that we hadn't done it because we were both taking notes.
The second time he started to nod off he felt the same thing; someone tapping him on the shoulder. He looked around again and saw that it wasn't anyone.The third time he fell asleep, like was full out snoring fell asleep. He said that he felt like someone kicked him in the back of the head. So he sat up really straight and listened for the rest of the session. After he asked us what we thought it was. We told him that it was the spirit and that God was talking to him and making sure that he was paying attention so that he can hear the things that God what’s him to hear.

I really hope that we can get this boy baptized. He's so close he just needs to get permission from his parents. We're pretty sure if we can get the boy baptized we can get the mom, dad, and little sister baptized too. They're all so close. We just don't know how to bring the parents around.
Love you Kort!

Wasn't that fun?! We sure do miss and love our little gingy pie! If you have anything you would like to add, please email me at Please continue to pray for Becca and to write her :)

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